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Scripting - Load

This runs the Data Loader in unattended mode.

The syntax of the LOAD script function is not given. This is a complicated function. It is suggested that you:

Return Code in Batch Mode

When running in batch mode, the Data Loader will give a return code of 8 when it encounters a critical error. A crticial error is when one of the following happens:

When running the Data Loader in online mode, these are all errors that will cause a Critical error message to be displayed (this has a large red button with a cross in it).

Running Multiple Loads

If you wish to load many multiple tables (such as all tables in a schema), this can be done as follows:

--aqt load,tab=$1.$2,dbs=<dbs1>,source=table,fromtab=$1.$2,fromdbs=<dbs2>

In this, replace <dbs1> and <dbs2> with the databases you are loading between.

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