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Unicode support with Informix

ODBC Driver Version

In order to display Unicode data, you must use the IBM Informix ODBC Driver version 3.80 or later.

ODBC Driver Configuration

In order to display Unicode data, your Informix client needs to be configured to use the UTF8 codeset. On our development server, we find the following setting works well: on the Environment tab of the Informix ODBC Driver Setup, set both Client Locale and Database Locale to en_US.UTF8.

Data Types

Unicode strings are held in columns with the nchar and nvarchar data types.

Unicode Character Set Database

Any Informix database can store unicode data in nchar and nvarchar data types. However if you want to use unicode strings in the names of your objects (eg. tables and columns), you must define your database to use a Unicode character set. See your Informix documentation for more information on doing this.

You can find out the character set of your database with:

Select * from sysmaster:informix.sysdbslocale

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