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SQL window layout

Listbox Positions

AQT offers a number of options for the appearance of the SQL window. You can have the listboxes at either:

You can cycle through these options by clicking on the list-box position icon (or hitting Ctrl-B). You can select a particular option with View > List Boxes.

When the listboxes are at the right or hidden, the Run and Abort buttons are no longer displayed. Instead you should use the Run and Abort buttons on the toolbar.

Data Grids

You can choose to display the results of the query on this window. Clicking on the Show Grids icon (or Ctrl-G) will display a data grid at the bottom of the window. Results of your query will go to this grid, as opposed to a Data Display window.

This is discussed in more detail in the section Displaying Query Results on the Run SQL window.

When the Data Grid is displayed, you cannot have the list-boxes at the bottom.


This screenshot shows the listboxes being at the right, data grid being at the bottom and with line numbers displayed.

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