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Connecting to Informix

Prerequisite software

In order to connect to an Informix database you need to install an Informix Client, such as IBM Informix Connect. Ensure that you select the ODBC Driver during the install of the client.

After installing the Client, you should reboot your PC.

Configuring the Informix ODBC Driver

In order to connect to your Informix server using AQT, you will need to configure an ODBC Datasource for your database. The general process for doing this is described in Configuring a Database Connection.

To configure this, specify:


These are specified on the Environment tab. Both Client Locale and Database Locale must be specified correctly. If not, you will get the mesage "Unable to load translation dll".

You can find the locales of your databases by the following query (if you have a connection!)

Select * from sysmaster:informix.sysdbslocale

Test Connect

After configuring your datasource, click on Apply & Test Connection (on the Connection tab) to check that the connection has been set up correctly.

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