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Run Stored Procedure window

Start the Run Stored Procedure window from the Database Explorer. Select a procedure then click on Tools > Run Stored Procedure or click on the Run icon.

The parameters for the Stored Procedure will be displayed. These will be of type IN, OUT or INOUT.

Run the procedure by clicking on RUN.

You might have trouble running Stored Procedures with Sybase.

Copy to SQL Window

This copies the SQL for running your Stored Procedure to the SQL window. This is useful if you wish to run your procedure from the SQL window, or in batch mode.

For more information on running stored procedures from the SQL window, see Running a Stored Procedure.

Running Oracle Packages

Oracle Stored Procedures can be contained inside packages. The Run Stored Procedure window cannot run such procedures (this is because AQT cannot get the information on the parameters for these procedures). Instead you must run these procedures "manually" from the SQL window. This is discussed in Running a Stored Procedure.

Viewing hex OUT and INOUT parameters

To view the detail of a parameter, click on View Parm. This will show you a dialog where you can view the parameter value in either ascii or hex modes.

Return Values containing x'00' values

If your OUT and INOUT parameters contain x'00 (binary zero) characters, then the data will not display. To circumvent this problem, select Options > Display Limits > Display x'00' characters as spaces.