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Export to Delimited File

Options you can specify for Export to Delimited File are:




Specifies the delimiter to use for the file - CSV, Tab or other. Tab delimited exports are useful for importing into Excel.

You can specify a hex column delimiter with 0xaa, where aa is the ascii code. Example: 0x5E.

Delimit Strings with

Allows you to specify a character used to enclose string values. “ is often used here.

When using Column Delimiters it is a good idea to use this option. This avoid the problems you would get if your string included the delimiter character (eg. the comma).

Remove from strings

A couple of things can cause your file to give very strange results when loaded into another database or Excel.

The first is if you have a column that contains the character you are using as the string delimiter (eg. “).

The second is if your column contains a line-feed character. The Remove from Columns option allows you to remove these characters from your columns. It is recommended that you leave these options on.

Note that CSV stands for comma-separated variables and refers to a Delimited File where delimiter character is a comma.