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Saving / retrieving the display Layout

Once you have adjusted the layout of the data display according to the way you wish to view it, you can save this layout information with View > Save Layout. The layout information includes:

Some (though not all) of these attributes can be specified in Formatting Data.

Default Layout File

The default name of the layout file is:

It is generally recommended that you use the Default Layout name when saving the layout.

If Options > File Locations > Location of Layout Files is specified, the layouts will always be held in that directory.

Applying a Layout

When you display a table or query, AQT will see whether the Default Layout File exists for the table / query. If so the Layout button will displayed in the toolbar. Clicking on this will apply the layout to the current display. You can also do this with View > Apply Layout (Shift+F3).

If you wish to apply another layout file to the display, go View > Load Layout. You will be prompted for the layout file to use. Note that this window will only show you layouts named layout_*.txt, so if you have given your layout a name not in this format you will not see it in this list.

Refreshing Data

If you refresh your data in the Data Display window, it will retain some, but not all of the current formatting. Click on View > Apply Layout to reapply the layout.


To see some examples of display layout, see the demo database aqtdemo. Display the customer_details or order_line tables then click on the Apply button.

Automatically Applying a Layout

If you want the layout to be applied automatically, you can do this in a number of ways:

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