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Using the Window-list bar

The AQT window-list bar provides an easy way of switching between the windows in your AQT session.

v10 Task Bar

To activate a particular AQT window, click on the button for that window.

Managing AQT's open windows

When you right-click a button, you see a number of options for customizing the appearance of the window-list bar, and for performing actions on the AQT windows:

Using these actions, you can:

Customizing the Window-list bar

You can use the options in the right-click menu to customize the appearance of the window-list bar. Some of these options are discussed in more detail below.

Window-list Button

When this option is selected, you will get a drop-down button at the left side of the toolbar. This shows you a list of all open AQT windows, grouped by database connection. This provides an alternative mechanism for navigating between AQT windows when you have a large number of windows.

Window-list Bar Position

You can position the window-list bar at the top, bottom, left or right of the main AQT window. Having the window-list bar on the left (as per the following screen-shot) is very useful if you have a lot of AQT windows open.

Window List Left

Caption Size

The window-list buttons will expand to fit the size of the captions. To prevent the buttons getting too wide, there are a number of options to control the size of the captions:

There are a number of other options that control the size of the buttons.

Close Button

Each of the window-list button has a Close Button (indicated by the x) on the right. This makes it fast to close AQT windows.

You can choose not to have the Close button by right-clicking the Windows-list bar and de-selecting Options > Show Close Button.

Order of Buttons in the Window-list bar

When you have multiple windows open, the buttons will appear in the Window-list bar grouped by window type. There are other options for the button order:

You can also change the order by the buttons by holding down the ALT key and dragging a button to a new location.

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