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Options - Window-List bar

These options govern some of the appearance of the Window-List bar. Other options of this bar can be obtained by right-clicking the bar.

Group Data Display and Chart windows with their parent window

This option controls the order which the buttons appear in the window-list bar. By default, the buttons are grouped by window-type; all the Database Explorer buttons are shown, followed by Run SQL buttons, Query Builder buttons, Data Display buttons then Chart buttons.

When you have a large number of Data Display and Chart windows open, it can be useful to have the Data Display / Chart button after the button for the window that has created it. As an example, when this option has been selected, the order of the buttons might be:

When the buttons are shown in this order, it is easier to see which window created a particular Data Display or Chart window.

Note: when you change this option the existing buttons in the window-list bar are not reordered. This option only applies for new windows are they are created.

Captions for Data Display icons in the Window-list bar

When a Data Display window is opened, a button is created in the AQT window-list bar. The caption for this button is taken from the table name (if you are displaying a table), query name (if you are running a query), or some other descriptive text. The options here govern, to some extent, what text is used here:

Captions for SQL Buttons

Caption is formed from table or query name. When this option is checked, the caption for an SQL window button is taken from the query table or query name. This will be similar to the caption for the Data Display window for the query.

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