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Database User-id and Password

How AQT uses User-ids and Passwords

When you sign onto a database, if either the User-id or Password fields are blank, AQT will sign-on without specifying either the user-id/password.

If you need to sign-on on with a user-id which has no password (only Sybase and SQL Server allow this), enter a user-id and check Advanced > No Password.

What User-id and Password?

You may be unsure about what user-id and password to use for your signon.

This is a surprisingly non-trivial issue; it depends on what database you are accessing, where it is located and how it has been configured.

As a generalization:

If you are in doubt about which user-id/password to use, contact your friendly Database Administrator, or if you don’t have one, any Database Administrator.

Client Security / Integrated Logon

Some databases do not require you to sign on; instead the database uses the security system of your PC. With this method, the database assumes that your identity (eg. user-id and password) has been authenticated by your client (which may be NT/2000/XP) or LAN server. When this is in effect, you do not need to supply a user-id and password.

This is known by various descriptions, depending on the database type:


Database type

Client Security


Integrated Logon


NT Authentication

MS SQL Server

OS Authentication


Whether these methods are used with your database will depend on your database type and how it has been configured. To find out whether it is used, contact your DBA.

What ID are you to the database?

As a further complication, for some databases the ID you are known to the database may be different to the ID you signed on with (some databases map IDs from external IDs to internal IDs). To see what ID the database knows you as, see Help > Database Details > User Name from the Database Explorer window.

Database Sign-on problems

If you are having problems signing on, or if you need to enter some database-specific parameters, you should do a Prompted Sign-on. Prompted Sign-on invokes the log-on system supplied by the database vendor, giving you better control of the sign-on process.

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