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Connection Problems

If you are unable to get past the sign-on window then you are having problems with the database connection. If you are lucky you might get an informative error message, however this is often not the case. Non-technical users of AQT should contact their Database support team.

Many things can cause connection problems, most of which are outside the control of AQT:

For information on how to configure a connection to your database, see Configuring a Database Connection.

Signing onto a database is a surprisingly complicated subject – see More info on Database Sign-on for a fuller explanation.

Try the following actions if you encounter connection problems:

User-id has No Password

If your user-id has no password you can’t just leave the password field blank; AQT will assume you are doing an “integrated logon” and specify neither the user-id nor password in the sign-on request.

In this case you need to check Advanced > No Password.

“Error Requesting Parameters”

You may get a message such as “error requesting parameters required to complete a connection”. If you get this then you haven’t specified enough information in your ODBC configuration:

In both cases, select the database and hit Configure. Correct the settings.

Alternatively you can specify the Database when you log on. Select Advanced and fill out the DBName box.


DB2 users will get this if the c:\sqllib\bin directory has not been set in their PATH. The DB2 client install (for some releases) fails to do this.

System Hangs with message “Loading Schema Information”

If you are a DB2 user and you get this, the probable cause is that the “ODBC packages have not been bound against the database”. This may not mean much to you, but it should to your DBA. If you are the DBA then you can bind these by

Connecting to Oracle

If you are having problems connecting to Oracle see Oracle - Diagnosing Connection Problems

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