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System Monitor

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Customizing your displays

DB2 Monitor switches

This section describes the AQT System Monitor. This component allows you to monitor internal information in your database, such as active sessions, bufferpool activity and other information. It has been configured for DB2/UDB (v8 and above), Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase Enterprise.

The System Monitor is part of the Extended Edition of AQT, and is in evaluation mode for the Standard Edition. When in Evaluation Mode, you are only shown one display and cannot refresh it.

The System Monitor display is as below. This will show you different information for each database-type, depending on what internal information is available.

System Monitor

The System Monitor can monitor a number of different part of your system. You can use the Toolbar buttons to switch between the monitor displays. If you wish to monitor multiple parts of your system, hit File > New Window (or Ctrl + N) to open another Monitor window.

Window Layout

The system monitor window consists of the following parts:

The right and bottom grids and action buttons may or may not be displayed, depending on what part of the system you are monitoring and how it has been configured.

Main Grid

This shows you the items being monitored.

Right and Bottom Grids


The display can auto-refresh. This is done by setting View > Auto Refresh. You can set the auto-refresh period with View > Set auto-refresh period.

Note that AQT can only run one SQL statement against a database at once. If you have auto-refresh switched on, and are using other functions in AQT against this database, these may fail if they run when the monitor is refreshing.

Other notes

Customizing Your Displays

You can customize the information that is shown in the monitor window. You would typically do this if you wished to:

To do this, go Customize > Main Grid (or Right Grid, Bottom Grid). This is discussed in more detail in Customizing Your Displays.

Technical Notes

AQT doesn't have any low-level hooks into the database. The information displayed in the system monitor is that which is available through normal SQL queries.

When will the System Monitor work with DB2 z/OS?

We are often asked this! This is currently not possible, as information on active threads etc is not available through normal SQL statements. Should IBM provide a means to do this (as they have with DB2/UDB) then we will very rapidly be able to display this information.

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