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Using the Grid

The following function can be done with the grid.

Context Menus

The grid has a number of context (right-click) menus.

Many of these functions are also available with the View and Grid menu items.

Note: when you right-click a row number, the options will apply to the current row (the one with the row pointer in the row number column), NOT the row the mouse was over when you did the right click. It is generally a good idea to left-click a row (to select it) before right-clicking it.

Sorting the data

Selecting Data

You can select cells in a number of ways:

As you select the cells, information about the range of cells you have selected will appear on the status bar at the bottom of the window.

If your selection contains any numeric they will be summed; the total will be displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the window.

Copying Data

To copy some cells (to the Windows clipboard), select the cells (as described in the previous section), then either hit Ctrl+C, click on Edit > Copy, or use the copy icon.

If you are copying more than one cell, you will be prompted for a number of copy options. These are discussed in more detail in Hints on Grid Usage.

Changing the Order of Columns

You can change the position of a column in the grid by clicking on the column header and dragging it to a new location.

Alternatively, click on the Layout button to go to the Data Layout window. You can use the Move buttons to change the order of the columns.

Hiding Columns

As you move or hide columns the underlying query is amended for the new column order. This therefore provides a very easy way to build a simple query.

Finding Columns

If you have a lot of columns in your grid, you can go to a particular column with Grid > Find Column (Ctrl + Shift +F).

AQT will move the grid to the first column that contains the string you specify. Ctrl + Shift + F3 will "re-find" - eg. move to the next column containing the search string.

Fixing Columns

You can "fix" a column - the column will be placed on the left side of the window and will not move when the grid is scrolled left / right.

You can fix a column in a number of ways:


You can un-fix a column by:

If you can also Fix / UnFix columns by clicking on the Layout button and using the Fixed option for the column.

Hiding Rows

You can hide a row (or a range of rows) by:

Rows can also be hidden using the Find function with the "Only show rows that match" option. When this is done, all rows are hidden except for the rows that meet the specified condition.

You can re-display the rows by right-clicking and selecting UnHide All Rows, Grid > UnHide all Rows or Find > UnHide all Rows.

Highlighting Rows

You can highlight a row; when this is done the row background is changed to yellow (or other color as specified in Options > Grid Appearance). This makes it easy to read a row you are interested in. You can highlight any number of rows.

Highlighting of rows is done by:

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