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Options - Display - Grid Appearance

These options control the appearance of the grid on the Data Display window.

Show Row Numbers

Specifies whether Row Numbers are shown. This gives the default behaviour; when displaying a query result you can switch Row Numbers on and off by View > Row Numbers, clicking the icon, or F4.

Show Group-by Box

Specifies whether the group-by box will be shown on the data display. This gives the default behaviour; when displaying a query result you can switch the Group-by box on and off by View > Group-by Box, clicking the icon, or Ctrl+G.

Variable Row Height

Specifies whether the data display will show the data using variable height for the rows. This is useful if your data contains multi-line text columns.

This option is set to the default behaviour. When you display a query result you can switch the variable-height display on and off by View > Variable Row Height, clicking the icon, or Ctrl+H.

This option is CPU-intensive and can significantly slow down the data display. For this reason, the setting of this option (unlike most of the others) is not saved between AQT sessions.

Show Fixed-Column Splitter

This specifies whether the Fixed-Column Splitter is to be displayed in the Data Display window.

This can be displayed / hidden on a particular window with View > Show fixed-column splitter.

Enable drag-select

Specifies whether cells can selected in the grid by clicking on a cell and dragging over cells. This is similar to the behavior of AQT v8 and other products such as Excel.

This feature has a slight CPU impact on your machine. On slow machines this may make the grid feel sluggish. In this case you may wish to de-select this option.

You can also select cells by clicking on a cell, holding down Shift, then clicking on a second cell.

Maximum column width

Gives the maximum width (in pixels) of a column in the data display. The default value is 500; you may wish to increase this if you often deal with large columns.

When you change this value, the grids in your existing Data Display windows will not be changed to reflect this new value. You must do a Refresh of the data for the new value of Maximum Column Width to come into effect.

Adjust column widths

When displaying your data, AQT will calculate the width of the column needed to contain the data and column header. This setting allows you to add an amount to this width; this can be useful if the calcuation AQT uses results in a value which is slightly too small. The default is 5.

Minimum row height

This gives the height of rows in the display grid. The default value (20) is normally adequate. However if you change the font to a larger or taller font, you may need to increase this.

Maximum row height

Gives the maximum height (in pixels) for a row, when the Variable Row Height option is in effect. The default value is 1000.

Grid Style

This specifies the Style to be used with the grid. Click on a Style from the dropdown box, or Load from file to load a customized style. You can edit your existing styles, or create customized styles with Edit Styles.

The default style is AQT0. Our preference is AQT7 - this uses gradient colors which can crash on some machines with older graphics cards.


This specifies the font that will be used on the Data Display windows.

Selection color

This specifies the color to be used when you select a range of cells.

Highlighted row color

This specified the color to be used when you Highlight a row.

Fixed-column color

This specifies the color to be used for fixed columns.

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