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Find Objects

You can use the Find Objects feature to find database objects that contain a particular piece of text. This might be used, for instance, to find all references to a column name.

To activate Find Objects, click on View > Find Objects or the Find button in the toolbar. If these options are not visible then it may be that Find Objects has not been configured for your database.


To use Find Objects:

Click on Find. AQT will display the list of objects which meet your criteria in the middle grid.

Case Dependency

For case-dependent databases (such as Oracle or DB2), checking Search in Upper Case will search for the text in upper case.

Any text in lower case or mixed case (such as text in Comments or View/Trigger/Procedure text) will not be found. For these you will have to de-select the Search in Upper Case option and enter it with the correct case.

Other Notes

The objects that are searched, and the SQL used for the search, is given in the cfg file for the database. It is possible to amend this file to change the searches or add new ones. If you wish to do this, contact Cardett Associates for more information on this.

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