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Running the Compare

Comp Mult 3

To run the Compare, click on the Compare button.

As the compare runs you will be shown the progress of the compare. In this:

The Compare will create a number of files

These are:

The names and directories for these files are specified on the Options tab.

If you are comparing a lot of tables, a many files can be created. It is recommended that a separate directory is used to hold these files. AQT doesn't delete files from this directory, so you may wish to clean files from this directory on a periodic basis.

Once the Compare has completed

Click on:

When you click on a row in the grid another panel will be displayed. You will have options:

You can use the Reset button to return the window to it's original state to rerun the compare.

Table Selection

As you run the compare, the tables are de-selected once they have been compared. This is so that they will not be compared a second time if you resume the compare after it has been paused.

Once the compare has completed, all tables will be de-selected. If you wish to run the compare a second time, click on Select > Select Tables used in last compare (or Ctrl+L).

Alternatively, if you select the option Select > Retain selection after compare run the tables will not be de-selected as the compare is run. In this case you need to be careful not to rerun these compares after a pause.

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