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Administration Component

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Database-specific Admin notes

The Administration Component is part of the Extended Edition of AQT, and is in evaluation mode for the Standard Edition. The Extended Edition is a separately purchasable component of AQT that allows you to manipulate objects in your database - not just tables but also indexes, tablespaces, procedures, triggers etc.

For all of these types of objects you can:

Even if you have not purchased this component, you will still see it in AQT. You will be in evaluation mode of the Admin Component; you will be able to use it, however you will not be able to run any of the SQL scripts. This lets you see how it works, and decide whether you would find it a useful tool. If you are not interested in seeing the Admin Component, you can hide it with Options > User Rights > Hide Admin Component.

The Admin Component is currently available for the following databases:

Other databases can be configured, if sufficient people request them.

Running the Admin Component

Run the Admin Component in any of the following ways:

If you do not see any of these items then either:

Generic architecture

The Administration Component is written as a generic component, controlled by a config file. The config file specifies the definition of the objects in your database, and the administrative actions that can be performed against each object. By designing AQT in this way, we are able to customize the administration function for each different database type. In addition, we are able to implement new administrative functions quickly, with no changes needed to AQT code.

In the Database Explorer window, you can view the way that the Admin Component has been configured for your database with Tools > Configure Admin Component.

The Admin Component does a lot of work and may take a few seconds to return a result. There are two reasons for this:

Admin Component windows

The Admin Component consists of seven windows:

A generic window is used for different functions. Features of the windows vary according to function, object, and database type. We've aimed to provide the clearest explanation, however this Help won't cover every attribute of all screen displays for all objects in all database types.

Hiding the Admin Component

If you do not wish to see the Admin Component, you can hide it: Options > User Rights > Hide Admin Component. You can lock this setting if you are deploying AQT to a number of users who do not need to use this component.

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