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Interface to Document Locator

AQT has an interface to the Document Locator document management system by ColumbiaSoft.

Enabling the Interface to Document Locator

To enable the interface to DL, you need to:

Selecting Document Locator Files

Once the interface to DL has been specified, whenever you select files or directories you will have the option of:

You can use a DL directory for your Saved Queries directory, however may not use it for your default directory (which AQT uses for work files).

Whenever AQT needs a file located in the DL repository it will frist export the file from the repository to a directory on your PC. Similarly, whenever AQT writes to a DL file, it will first write to a file on your PC then import the file to the repository. There is some overhead associated with the export and import operations. Consequently it is not recommended that you use the DL repository for work files or other files that are read and written frequently.

Specifying Document Locator Files

You can specify that AQT is to use a DL file by specifying a filename in the following format:




(DL)demo\Documents\Export Files\employees.csv

(DL)demo\Documents\Saved Queries\employee_summary.sql

Exporting to a Document Locator files

Some notes on this are given at Exporting to a Document Locator file

History Files

You can use a DL directory for holding History Files. This works as follows

There are three complications to this:

To deal with these:

Using Document Locator with work files

It is not recommended that you use Document Locator to hold work files, such as:

The reason for this is as follows:

This can result in misleading and confusing information for the user.

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