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Activation Problems

The following are some common problems people experience when activating their license.

Activation Server could not be contacted

There are two causes for this:

Activation failed for reason: check License failed

The most probable cause of this is that your license has exceeded the number the number of activations it may do.

You should contact us for help with this.

Activation Key is not valid

This message can happen when you click on the Paste button, when using Activate by Web or Email.

AQT checks that the activation key is valid for your license key plus other internal info for your machine. It has found that it is not valid.

The most common cause for this is that you are trying to load the activation key onto a different machine / userid that the one for which the activation request was generated. An activation code is specific to a machine and a userid on a machine, so cannot be used elsewhere. This can also happen if your machine hardware has changed, or the machine has been rebuilt, so it looks to AQT as a different machine.

The solution is to follow through the activation process for this machine / userid.

Problem with Roaming Profiles

Some corporate networks use roaming profiles. With this, a user may log onto multiple machines; often these are virtual machines on a terminal server. The users profile (registry settings etc) will follow the user. The activation information is part of the profile, and will be deemed to be not valid when the user logs onto a new machine. When AQT starts, the user will be shown the activation window and be required to re-activate AQT.

This problem is resolved in AQT v10.0.2, which has support for the use of roaming profiles.

The text you are pasting is not an activation key

This message sometimes happens when you click on the Paste button, when using Activate by Web or Email.

The most probable cause is that the activation code (which you copied) contains some invalid characters such as line-breaks. Some email systems split the activation code over multiple lines - this can cause a problem when you paste the key into AQT.

To deal with this:

This problem mainly occurs in AQT v9 and v10.0.1. Later releases of AQT will remove line breaks and invalid characters, so generally should not hit this problem.

Still getting "The text you are pasting is not an activation key"?

There is a further cause of this message: AQT v9 and v10.0.1 don't recognize activation keys which are more than 100 bytes long.

The solution is to apply the activation key with a registry update. You will need to contact us for this or see Manually entering the Activation Code into the Registry.

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