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Advanced Customization

Concepts explained in this section will strongly affect the way that AQT runs, and may cause data to be displayed incorrectly in the Database Explorer, or not at all.

Warning: only users with a good understanding of their Database's System Table or Catalog should consider using the customization features described below. You must backup config files before altering them. Cardett Associates accepts no responsibility for any issues that may arise as a result of changes made to the config files.


This section covers customizing Advanced Query Tool by modifying the contents of the config files. The config files contain the SQL statements that control the system-table query feature of AQT.

You might wish to do this if you want to:

While the config files can be altered, we do not recommend you do this, or at least you should do so only with caution. As a result we don’t provide full tools or documentation for helping you with this. Most of what exists (detailed below) is for use by AQT development and is not intended to be used by yourselves.


When AQT reads the config files it does some checking of the contents, but does not check everything. If there is an error in your config file, or some of the entries do not match up, you may notice this only because the system behaves strangely or gives obscure error messages. Using Options > Debug can provide you with more information about what is happening under the covers.

Warning: before you change a config file, make sure you save the existing version of the file. If you create a config file for a new database type you will need to make an entry in the Options > Config Files before it will be picked up.

New versions of AQT overwrite config files

If you reinstall AQT or install a new version of AQT your config files will be overwritten. It is up to you to back them up elsewhere and reapply your changes to the new files.

Advanced Query Tool
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