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Options - Config Files

These entries are used to cross reference the database type to the config file to be used for the database. These entries are key to the correct functioning of the System-table Query Feature of Advanced Query Tool. Database Types and Config Files discusses this feature and how it relates to the config files.

AQT operates on the concept of auto-detecting the database type. This is not a trivial matter. It relies on what the database calls itself. This is reported in the field called: The database you are currently signed onto identifies itself as. AQT then tries to match this with one of the entries in the list of Database Identifiers.

AQT will populate the list of Database Identifiers when it runs for the first time. If there are any problems with these entries you will notice that the system-table query feature is not functioning (eg. the object tree in the Database Explorer will show only Tables/Views and System Tables).

Circumstances where you might need to change these entries are if:

These entries work as follows:


identifies itself as

these databases are handled by the following entries

DB2 for AIX



DB2 for NT



DB2 z/OS



This would not work if the third database (DB2 z/OS) was at the top because the DB2 entry would catch all three databases.

There is no capability to specify different config file for different versions of a database.

Load Defaults

Click on this to load the default config entries supplied with AQT. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of AQT you might wish to click on this to pick up any new entries we have supplied.

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