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In order to run AQT beyond the evaluation period, you need to purchase a license key. You will purchase either a Standard Edition license, or Extended Edition license, depending on which edition of AQT you are wishing to run.

When you enter you license key into AQT, it will turn the evaluation edition into the Standard/Extended edition. You do not need to download another install package.

Keep a copy of your license key!

Please retain a copy of your license key! If you lose this, there is no guarantee that we can recover it for you.

Hold your license key on a different machine to the one on which you are running AQT. This means you will not lose your license key if your AQT PC dies unexpectedly.

No further payment required

Your AQT license allows you to run AQT without any further payment. You do not need to pay an annual free.

Your AQT license entitles you to no-cost upgrades to all releases within a version. For example, you can go from AQT v11.1 to AQT v11.5 for no cost.

It does not entitle you to upgrade to a new version. For instance, to upgrade from AQT v9 or AQT v10 to AQT v11 you will need to purchase a Version Upgrade license.

Licensed by user

AQT is licensed by user, rather than be device. You may install AQT on as many devices as you wish, as long as it is used only by yourself.

Do not share your License Key!

Your license key is confidential and may only be used by yourself.

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