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Export as Inserts

This option will export the data as a series of Insert statements which can then be used for loading the data into another table. This provides a very simple mechanism for transferring data between tables, especially if the tables exist on different databases or in different database types.




Table Name for Insert statements

This gives the name to be used in the insert statements (eg. the name of the table into which data will be inserted).

The file name can contain the keywords <schema> and <table>. For more information on the use of these, see Exporting Multiple query results.

Maximum line-length of export file

This is useful for some systems (such as DB2 z/OS) which have a limit on file line lengths

Include column list

When this option is specified, AQT will include the column list in the Insert statement (eg. insert into table (column-list) values (value-list)). This can be useful if you need to specify which columns the data is to be inserted into.

When you select this, you may wish to click on Customize - this allows you to specify the names of the columns in the column list.

Statement Delimiter

This specifies the delimeter used to delimit the Insert Statements. The default is ; (semicolon) however you can select another delimiter.

Format SQL statements for

Specified the database the SQL statements are to be generated for. This allows for the fact that the syntax of the SQL can be different for different databases.

By default, the SQL will be compatible with the database being exported.

Include TO_DATE on date cols

When exporting from Oracle, this specifies whether the TO_DATE function is to be used with date columns.

Exporting LOBs

If your data has LOBs, AQT can export these in a way that enables them to be loaded into another table. See Exporting LOBs for more on this; this has some important information if you are planning the load LOBs into Oracle.

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