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Export to HTML

Exporting to HTML can be a useful way of displaying your data:


HTML Options

These options are on the HTML tab of the Export Options window.

Most of these options are related to the formatting of the HTML file generated by AQT. The options should be familiar to users familiar with HTML.

AQT uses styles for formatting the data in the cells of the HTML table. You have the choice of where AQT writes the style information:

It is recommended that the css file resides in the same directory as the export file. If it is not, AQT will use a fully-qualifed name for the css file in the HTML file - this can cause problems with some web browsers.

The AQT export file uses four styles:

odd / even rows. AQT uses separate styles for odd and even rows in the HTML table. This enables you to use a two-color display for the results.

Exporting LOBs

If your data has LOBs (such as images) AQT can export these to separate files and create hyperlinks to them. See Exporting LOBs for more on this.


If AQT sees that a column value starts with http:// or https:// it will assume that this is a url and will create a hyperlink to that address.

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