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Options - User Rights

These options control the functions that you are able to perform. This issue is discussed in more detail in User Rights.

Read Only Mode

When this option is selected, AQT runs in read-only mode. Only SELECT statements can be run. All other SQL statements will be rejected with the message “You are not authorized to run this statement”.

Only allow signon to some databases

This option allows you to specify which database-types you see in the Signon window. This can be used a security measure to prevent users from accessing particular database types using AQT.

When this option is selected you will be shown a list of all available ODBC Drivers. Select the ones you require access to.

Hide the Admin Component

When this option is selected, the Admin Component will not be visible. You may select this if you are not licensed for the Admin Component, and do not wish to see the toolbar.

This option only comes into effect the next time you sign onto a database (as this setting effects the way the Database Explorer window is built).

Disable Save Password on Signon window

This option disables the Save Password feature. Some sites may deem this feature to be a security risk and wish to prevent it from being used.

When this option is selected:

In addition, when you check this option you will not be able to use the Run as DB2 Command, Index Advisor or Explain Formatter tools, if you have signed onto the database with a password. The reason for this is that these tools involve passing the user-id / password to the DB2 utilities. It is theoretically possible for the password to be intercepted; when Disable Save Password is checked, AQT adopts a higher security model so will prevent the possibility of this interception.

Hide Show Password on Signon window

This option disables the Show Password feature on the Signon window.

Hide ODBC Admin functions on Signon window

This option hides the ODBC Admin buttons (New, Config, Delete, ODBC Admin) on the Signon window.

Hide System Monitor

This option will hide the System Monitor.

Allow changes to Shared Queries

This specifies whether you are able to modify or create Shared Queries.

This takes three values:

If either Warn and No are specified, queries will not be saved with the Autosave and Prompt to Save options. Changes you make to shared queries can be lost without you being warned of this.

Disable Export

When this setting is selected, the user will not be able to use the Export function. The user will also not be able to select/copy multiple values from the display grids.

Lock This Setting

If you have selected any of the above options, the Lock This Setting buttons will be active. Clicking on these buttons will permanently change the setting. You will never be able to unset this option.

This function works by setting the option in the LOCAL_MACHINE part of the registry. As with Windows 7 and Windows 10, the ability for applications to change values in LOCAL_MACHINE has been restricted. As a result, Lock This Setting may not work

You can avoid this problem in thress ways:

Fixed Options

AQT allows your system administrators to fix some particular options, which then cannot be changed. If these has been set for you, you will see these shown on this part of the window.

For more information on this feature, contact Cardett Associates.

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