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Options - Table Editing

These options control the functioning of the table editor.

Prompt On

This specifies whether, before AQT runs an Update, Delete or Insert statement, AQT is to show you the SQL it is about to run. You will have the opportunity to check that this SQL is what you expect, and to cancel the change if it is not.

Delete Row with Delete Key

With this option set on, rows can be deleted by hitting the Delete key. Without this option, you will have to right-click the row, and select Delete from the quick menu.

New Row Position

Specifies whether a row created by New Row (which is used for inserting new rows into the table) is to appear at the Top of the grid, or the Bottom.

Check row is unique before updating or deleting

When this option is on, before running an update or delete, AQT will run a query to check that only a single row will be updated / deleted. AQT will only do this check if your key has been "manually" specified - eg. though the Specify Key dialog or as a user-defined key. The check will not be done if your table has a primary key or unique index.

Because AQT runs a query before doing your update/delete, there is will be a slight performance impact. However it is strongly recommended that you do not switch this option off.

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