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Options - Window Behaviour

Specifies whether AQT will automatically open new Data Display, Run SQL or Query Builder windows. This topic is discussed in more detail in the Data Display, Run SQL and GUI Query Builder help.

When new SQL window is opened, set to blank

In the SQL window, clicking on Ctrl-N (or File > Open another SQL window) will open a new SQL window. By default, the new SQL window will have the same text (and query) as the SQL you came from. When this option is checked, the new SQL window will have a blank SQL text.

Link SQL Window to Data Window

This option is new with AQT v7, and we recommend that it is checked. When you are using multiple SQL windows, you will find that AQT manages the windows in a more sensible way.

When this option is checked, AQT will "link" an SQL window with the Data Display window that displays the data.

The Query Builder window also behaves in the same way; each Query Builder window will have a Data Display window that is used for displaying the results of the query.

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