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Unable to display table information

This section applies if you got past the signon window but AQT fails to correctly show tables and the information about them.

If AQT is getting errors while trying to get this information, they will be written to the Status Bar at the bottom of the window (if the message is too big to fit into the Status Bar, clicking on the message will display it in full). These messages may shed a light on the problem.

There are two things you can do to try and fix the problem.

Switch off System-Table Queries

The problem could be due to errors while processing the system queries. These can be switched off by:

This will cause AQT to operate in a more basic mode. This works OK with all databases we have tested it with. You can still access tables and run queries. The only things which will be absent are the system-table queries and some of the DBA tools.

Switch off Parameters

You might try this instead of the previous item.

If you are getting errors while processing the system queries this could be because you are using parameters. A number of databases have bugs in this area.

select Options > General Options > Parameter Usage. Select Use Substitution.

this change comes into effect immediately; you do not need to log off/on.

There is a technical discussion on this subject in Parameter Usage.

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