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Stored Procedure problems with Sybase

AQT sometimes has trouble running Sybase stored procedures, depending on:

The problems AQT has with stored procedure are related to the way AQT determines the parameters for your stored procedure. To get this information AQT uses the ODBC function SQLProcedureColumns. AQT is dependent on this function to work correctly, however for some Sybase implementations this function gives wildly incorrect information. Even on systems where this function works most of the time, it occasionally gives the wrong information.

The Sybase ODBC driver implements the SQLProcedureColumns function by a stored procedure which gets installed on your Sybase Server. This procedure will be installed by your system administrator as part of the setup of the ODBC driver software. If you are having trouble with Run Procedures, you could check with your system administrator that this procedure has been set up correctly, and is the correct version for your ODBC driver.

AQT offers two mechanisms for dealing with these problems:

If you use aqtprocparms, AQT cannot determine the parameter type so it will default to IN. You will need to change this manually to the correct type.