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What’s new in AQT v11

Save Sessions

You will Save your AQT Session. This will include database connections, data display windows plus queries in the SQL and Query Builder windows.

This has the following features:


Improvements in Parameters

There have been a number of improvements to the use of parameters.


Export all Tables

You will be able to export all tables in a schema (or a specified list of tables) in a single operation.


Export History

AQT will maintain a history of all exports, whether done by interactive or batch AQT.

This enables you to easily see and view your export files.


Manage Batch Jobs

AQT v11 has a number of improvements to managing batch jobs.

Manage Batch Jobs

Create Batch Job

You can create a Batch Job from a number of windows in AQT with File > Create Batch Job.

This is described at Create Batch Job.


Merge Tables

AQT now has a dialog for running a Merge statement.

A Merge statement is available in some databases and is a simple way of inserting / deleting / updating rows into a table from another table.

Open CSV File

AQT has a dialog to make it easy to display the data in a CSV file.

This is a useful tool if you are dealing with CSV files on a frequent basis.

Export Directory - Change of Behavior

If you export to an unqualified file name, it will now go to the Default directory for Exports. By default this is the Exports sub-directory of the Queries directory, however can be specified in Options > File Locations.

In a batch job, you can set this directory with:

--aqt options,exportdir=c:\Apps\AQT\Exports

License Server

We now offer our customers the option of using a License Server. This is an alternate to the activation system.

The License Server will be hosted at the customers site and will make it a lot easier to manage the use of their AQT license.

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