AQT Testimonials

I've never before used a program that was so useful or had so much bang for the buck as AQT. If you work with any relational database this tool is worth its weight in gold. I use mine all day every day and I just love it.

Frank L. Palmeri
Database Programmer/Analyst, Albany, NY

I’ve used AQT for many years now.  I’ve been a DBA for 40 years and at one time or another was the lead DBA at my large corporate company supporting DB2 z/OS, DB2 LUW, Teradata and Oracle.  I use AQT several times every day and love that it is extendable in that you can develop your own queries to embed in the product, not to mention the wonderful features that come with the product.  My company has purchased other similar tools over the years for much more money but I keep coming back to AQT.  My productivity would suffer greatly without this tool.

Carl Castrianni

I have used AQT since at least 1999 – it is such a great and essential tool that I made sure it was available to me whenever I changed employers.

AQT is intuitive and provides value to DBAs, BAs, Power Users and Data Architects alike. I run it constantly and have used it for impact assessment, reporting, incident resolution, master data maintenance, database maintenance, automated system monitoring scripts and much, much more.  I have used AQT on SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, Progress and Excel.

More important than having a feature rich tool I am immensely pleased with the working relationship with Phil and his team – they are uber responsive – quick to provide assistance (how do I…), fixes and enhancements – I love it when a suggestion I make turns up as a feature in one of the frequent releases.  

Sandra Monk
Senior Business Systems Analyst, Wellington, New Zealand

I’ve used AQT for over 10 years, mainly against Oracle and DB2. Because of its breadth of functionality there is a bit of a learning curve for anything beyond simple query building. I continue to use AQT for two things. It can connect to most any database and the support is phenomenal. Whether it is a Yahoo Group question handled effortlessly by Phil or a licensing issue, the support from New Zealand is amazing.

Greg Benson
Lead Application Developer, Snohomish County, WA

I have been using AQT for over 6 years now and I find it user friendly and efficient. More important than this is the fact that users' suggestions are taken into account and included in new releases. Last but not least is the very good relationship between price and functionalities

Pablo Fernández