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  • This without a doubt is the best database tool that I have ever used. It is invaluable to both DBA and to db app developer. The price for it is very affordable. But the most impressive thing about it is the support for it provided by Phil, et. al. Keep up the incredible work, please.
  • This is one of the greatest tools I have used. From time to time I evaluate your competitors (Toad etc) and nothing comes close.
  • Ive been using AQT for over a year now this is, without a doubt, in my top 3 or 4 best software programs Ive ever used in a business setting keep up the excellent work!
  • Its a great product and has increased my productivity 1000% on any given day with ease of use and versatility.
  • AQT is a great product. I typically start it up in the morning and use it all day. Thanks for the hard work you've put in it! I've used TOAD and other products but AQT is the easiest to use, most logically organized, and intuitive.
  • Today I was doing application support without AQT and I felt lost. I don't like using Toad or PL/SQL developer for my data analysis problems. AQT has spoiled me! ( and that's a compliment. :)
  • Again, let me compliment you on a GREAT tool. The breath of functions are fantastic.
  • This is one amazing tool, I have worked with Oracle for years and now DB2. With this tool it is very easy transition from one to the other as far as examining the database files and structures. Thanks for creating this.
  • We're ecstatic about this product.
  • It is amazing what this tool does for the price.
  • BTW, we love your product. I believe there would be a riot if we attempted to revert back to QMF.
  • I'm a very happy user of your tool. In my opinion the best in the world. Unfortunately the company I'm working at recently bought Toad for DB2 :-(
  • We are one of your customers and get a lot of good use from AQT. Both our DBAs and applications developers constantly use it for DB2/ZOS and SQL server databases. I don't normally praise software vendors!, but you really have a high-quality product and I appreciate it.
  • I would first like to commend you for developing such a great database tool. Our company currently has 7 active licenses and we thrilled with your product.
  • Das beste Programm das ich in meiner 30jahrigen IT-Tatigkeit gesehen habe, [which we have been told says "the best program that I have come across in 30 years of being an IT professional."]
  • We just bought a copy of the product. Truly remarkable. It makes the prospect of more work seem fun.
  • I have been a long-time AQT user. I have been a Software Engineer for the past 14 years. I have written and supported MANY RDMBS' and their applications. Over the years, AQT has gone from great to unbelievably great!! Where can I start? Well, here goes.... AQT is probably the FASTEST Database Management Tool I have ever used.. bar none. AQT has one of the BEST GUI driven SQL tools I have ever used.. bar none. AQT has many advanced features found in many weak competing tools such as a DDL generaator to blast out your tables to SQL scripts, and a nifty securtiy helper to help with administering permissions. AQT's interface is laid out so well, even a novice will find his or her way around a database with ease and profficiency. AQT's support is unbeatable. They have NEVER failed to answer any questions that I might have. They also take suggestions and integrate the best features in each new release. Some of the features I really love are the filters for Tables, Stored Procedures, Triggers, and all your Database Object. AQT is compatible ALL ODBC compliant databases. If you have an ODBC driver for it, you can use AQT on it. Well, I could go on and on, but I have to get back to work using AQT!!! Peace, ;-)
  • As I've told many of my peers here, AQT is one of the most significant new tools I've ever seen! And the support is incredible.
  • I'm absolutely blown away by your AQT product. I've only worked with the demo for 2 days and I'm finding it incredibly useful. The full schema compare tool alone is worth the price.
  • Hi, I have completed evaluation of AQT9. It's a very good DB tool. I compared your product with other competitors (DbVisualizer and Razor for example). It is better from the point of view of the user. Simple, effective and easy to set up especially with remote DB accessible by ODBC.
  • Your customer service is one of the best features of the AQT product...and that's saying something since the product is exceptional!
  • Again, your package is awesome and has really had a important impact on how we run our reporting.
  • I've used many other tools, even like some of the other tools (like Quest's tools). But I can afford AQT on my own and have purchased licenses for both myself, and my wife (also a DBA). In my humble opinion, AQT can't be beat in the price/performance category, ease of use category, completeness of functionality category, and many others (I don't want to embarrass you).
  • I have worked with tech support via phone, web, email, forums from many companies and I have seen bad, good, and great. The support that Phil (and whatever his resources are behind the scenes) is some of the best support that I have ever seen. That excellence of support when added to the quality and reasonable price of AQT is a winning combination.
  • Then I got AQT 8 earlier this year (I was using TOAD for oracle and QMF Windows for DB2). AQT 8 just BLEW ME AWAY. I LOVE IT! I recently uninstalled QMF-Windows.
  • Where I work, new employees can spend 30 days using the evaluation copies of either TOAD or AQT before deciding which one they want to stick with long term. Almost across the board, people who haven't used TOAD or AQT before end up choosing AQT (ease of use combined with power), whereas people who have already got a background with TOAD are more likely to stick with what they already know. Both products are very powerful. I preferred AQT myself. I believe it's a little less expensive too.
  • For "querying" AQT kicks the crap out of toad!
  • I was used to TOAD , but now I'm working on DB2 warehouses. I think AQT is a superior product.
  • For other comments on AQT compared with TOAD, see here, then click on <(previous) to see other comments.
  • Once again, thanks for the fast response. This is what I love about AQT - your customer service. In my job, I also have to talk to IBM, CA and other big fish, but getting them to do any changes and bugfixes is like pulling teeth and a lot of red tape. With AQT, fixes are fast and hassle free!
  • I can't say this enough about AQT Great Product!!!!!!! Actually, "awesome" might be more a more appropriate description!
  • This tool is excellent! There are tons of features, every time I play around with it I find something new. It is definitely way better than anything else we've looked at.
  • I have to say that this software is a master piece, I've downloaded the demo and works like a charm.
  • First of all, congratulations on building a most excellent tool. As an advanced business analyst user, I do not have access to nor have a need for the various expensive DBA tools that are widely used today. This tool is extremely sophisticated, flexible, and intuitive to use, making for a minimal learning curve.
  • We're immensely happy with this tool and look forward to a long and productive relationship with your company.
  • AQT is the best product on the market!
  • Hello and Congratulations for the best SQL Query Tool on the market!!!!
  • I still remember when everyone here was skeptical that a small company half a world away would be able to provide us with a functional tool and support we needed.You have definitely lived up to your promises and made believers of almost everyone here.
  • I also want to tell you what an excellent tool AQT is, and how it simplifies my life (and work) and my colleague's lives too. Also, a word about the level of commitment you have put toward listening to the needs of the users about new features and bugs. I have rarely seen this with other BIG software I use.... For what it's worth, and what I know, other similar software don't even come close to AQT's stability, performance and features.
  • Let me say that I've been in database administration for over 20 years and AQT is by far the best bang for the buck database administration tool I've ever come across, by a wide margin. My colleagues and I bang away at ours 40+ hours a week. It's a must have, and a pleasure to use, which is a rare combination.
  • Of all the many pieces of software that I own and use, AQT is simply the best supported. You dedication to your customers is outstanding. I see this in your responses to bugs, feature requests, and general thinking ahead of what we need.
  • By the way, I just want to say that AQT is the best tool of it's kind I've ever used. We had a salesman here the other day touting the "new" Toad for DB2 z/OS, at TEN TIMES the price of AQT - and AQT had it beat it in almost every way possible. And that doesn't even take into consideration your response to issues that would take months to get addressed through your typical large software company. THANK YOU!
  • I had the pleasure of discovering AQT on a project about 8 years ago, and I've been devoted ever since, and I make every new employer buy it for me. I think it's the plantonic ideal of UI - you can start working with it immediately, but as you go you naturally discover so many subtly helpful features. (Seriously, why does no other tool offer field and line delimiter options when copy-pasting? Why?)
  • I just wanted to pass a personal note of appreciation to you. Not only is your product outstanding, but your willingness to help get us up and running properly was much appreciated. You responded with a speed and efficiency that in these current days is unusual and unmatched. To top it all off, your responses were accurate, to the point, and easily understood.
  • Your tool is the most useful ODBC compliant tool I have ever seen for DB2! I can't tell you how many times I have mashed my skull against my monitor waiting for an IBM Control Suite query to complete. I used your demo version of your product and it took a mere second to execute! I have used Quest Central as well and I"m telling you your product is more intuitive, faster and more informative then the severely cost prohibitive Quest Central for DB2. I for one will be recommending your product to all of my customers.
  • I am very impressed with AQT so far. The UI is clean, intuitive, and easy to use. The feature set is very rich and useful. I have spent the past four years testing Graphical User Interfaces and I've rarely seen one this nice.
  • I LOVE THIS TOOL!!! I love TOAD too but you can't beat AQT for speed, reliability, ease of use. You guys did a MOST EXCELLENT job on the query builder. v5 has so many time saving features I just love using it.
  • Great Product. Best all-around query tool I have seen, especially for the beginners I am training.
  • But, still have to say this is the best all around product I've ever seen and your support for it is outstanding. thanks for the great work!
  • I use it ALL THE TIME! I have not used DB2 Command Center or the QMF mainframe application for DB2 since the tool was purchased. I truly believe I save myself at least 30 minutes per day with AQT.
  • I have recently started using the AQT tool to compare table structures between environments. This is an awesome piece of functionality!
  • I'm using AQT every day as a powerful tool in my arsenal...a real pleasure to work with AQT. Everyone I show it to is impressed by it.
  • This tool is excellent for my web development. If I didn't have this tool I would have to use Oracle's tools and they just don't have the flexibility that AQT has shown me. I also teach SQL and I plan on using this tool to show others how easy it is to get the information they need, so they can do development work. I recommend this tool for the beginner and the advanced SQL users for its ease of use.
  • I downloaded the trial version of AQT & am very impressed. This is the first useful GUI tool I've seen for DB2/390.
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