Download AQT

New, upgrade & evaluation users


To install AQT:

  • download the install file and unzip into a temp directory
  • double-click aqtxxx_setup.exe
  • follow the installation instructions
  • Evaluation Version

    If you are a new AQT user, you will be able to run AQT for 30 days (though some minor functions will be hobbled). This will enable you to determine whether AQT meets your requirements. After this time you will need to either purchase a license or de-install AQT.

    Once you purchase an AQT license you enter the key into AQT; this turns AQT from an evaluation version to a licensed version. You will not need to download another install file.


    If you are currently running AQT v9, the install file will de-install AQT v9 and install AQT v10. All your settings and saved files will be retained.

    If you are running a version prior to AQT v9, your existing version will not be de-installed by the AQT v10 install. Once AQT v10 has been installed, you will have both versions on your machine.

    If you are licensed for an earlier version of AQT, you will get a 30-day trial period of AQT v10, after which AQT will revert to an evaluation version. At this point you will need to either de-install AQT v10 or purchase a Version 10 Upgrade license. If you de-install AQT v10 you will need to reinstall AQT v9. Your license key or settings will not be removed during this process so AQT v9 will run as it was previously.

    The cost for upgrading to AQT v10 from AQT v9 or an earlier version is US $45. Volume discounts apply - see the pricing page or the purchase page. This version upgrade cost is the same irrespective of the version you are upgrading from or the edition you are upgrading.

    Users who purchased an AQT license after 1st July 2014 will be licensed to run AQT v10. They will not need to purchase a Version Upgrade license.

    Uninstalling AQT

    To uninstall AQT:

    • if you have entered and activated an AQT license, you must first deactivate the license
    • uninstall the code with Start > Advanced Query Tool v10 > Uninstall AQT
    • alternatively, you can uninstall with Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs
    • Uninstalling AQT will just remove the files placed there during the install process. It will not remove:
      • your license key and other settings in the registry
      • your saved queries, AQT History and other files created when AQT runs

      Latest builds

      The following are provisional builds of newer releases. They haven't undergone the full testing of an official release. Use with caution and be aware that they may have bugs and incomplete new features.

      AQT v10.1.0c runs under .Net Framework 4.5. This is a change from earlier releases which ran under .Net 2.0/3.5 See the prereqs for more info on this.
      Version Released  
      AQT v10.0.5j 7 May 2018
      AQT v10.1.0c 7 August 2018

      Legacy versions

      Version Released  
      AQT v9.1.4 4 June 2014
      AQT v8.2.8 31 Aug 2009
      AQT v7.1.7 12 Mar 2006
      AQT v6.1.7 20 Dec 2004 Suitable for windows 95, 98 & ME