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Query Explorer

The Database Explorer window can also be used to display your existing queries, saved-results and saved-charts. This can be done by clicking on the Queries button in the toolbar (or View > Queries).

A window such as the following is displayed:

Query Directory

This display shows the queries and saved-results within your Query directory. The Query directory is the default location for saved queries, and is set with Options > File Locations. Queries not within this directory structure will not be shown on this display.

Window Layout

The Query explorer has the following layout.

The Query Explorer will show you Queries (which have a file type of sql), Saved-Results (which have a file type of grd) or Saved-Charts (which have a file type of xcf). Files with other suffixes (ddl, txt etc) are not shown.

The drop-down list above the query-list allows you to select which types of files you wish to see.

What you can do

After selecting a query or saved-result:

After selecting a saved-chart, you can right-click the chart for options. This will include:


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