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Exporting Data

In This Chapter

Options for all export types

Advanced Options

Export to Delimited File

Export to Fixed Format

Export to HTML

Export as Inserts

Export to Excel

Export to Grid file

Export to XML

Export Scripting

Multiple query results

Exporting LOBs

Exporting to Multiple files

Fast Export

Exporting to Document Locator file

Exporting Multiple Tables

Export History

You can export the contents of a table / result of a query in a number of ways:

In the first three of these cases, AQT will run the query against the database, and export the data as it is retrieved.

When exporting from Data Display, Export will not access the database, instead it will just export the data that is displayed in the grid.

If you wish to export a very large table, it is better to use one of the first three methods, as it avoids the overhead of displaying the data in the grid.

Running the Export

Once you have selected one of the above options, you will be shown the Export Options dialog. There are a number of options about the format of the export file - these are described in the remainder of this help topic.

Click on Export to continue with the export, or Cancel to cancel the export.

Once your query has finished you will be asked whether you wish to view the file. If you do:

Export format

You can export your data in a number of formats.


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