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Options - File Associations

These options allow you to create File Associations for AQT for a number of different file types.

When you create a File Association, there are two modes in which the File Association is created:

File Association

When this is checked, an Open with AQT association is created for the file type. When you right-click a file of this type in Windows Explorer, an Open with AQT option will appear in the drop-down list. Click on this to open the file in AQT.

You can remove the File Association by un-checking the box.


When this is select, AQT becomes the default application for that file type. When this is done:

These settings are removed when the Default box is un-checked.

Some Notes

What Happens when you open a file?

This depends on the file type:

Some Technical Notes

File Associations are created by adding some entries into the Windows Registry (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT). File Associations are very complicated, as there are a number of different ways these can be set up in the registry.

AQT uses a relatively simple way of setting up File Associations. This is shown in the image below. Note that other applications may set up their File Associations in a different way. If you have other applications with File Associations on the same file-types as AQT, they may do it in a way which is not compatible with AQT. The result is that you may not see the File Association for AQT or the other application.


When the File Association button is checked, the following entries are created.

When Default is checked, the following steps are also done:

Command String

Except for SQL files, the command string to open a file with AQT is:

aqt "%1"

where aqt is the fully-qualified name of the aqt executable.

For SQL files, starting AQT in the above way will run the SQL file as a batch script; AQT will appear not to start. To open the SQL for editing (eg. in the Run SQL window), the following command is used :

aqt -e "%1"

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