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Activating your AQT License

Once you have entered your license into AQT you must Activate it. Activation registers your use of the license on our servers. You need to have a connection to the Internet in order to activate your license.

Activation is only required for AQT v10 and AQT v11 licenses (licenses purchased after 1st July 2014) plus some AQT v9 single-key licenses.

Activation is not required if your site is running a License Server.

If you are unable to Activate your license, AQT will remain in Evaluation Mode until the license has been activated.


Your Name and Comments are only used if a question arises in the future regarding the use of the license. We will not use this information in any other way.

If you are working for a company which has a large number of AQT licenses, please enter accurate and relevant information in these fields. Your company may request from us a report on the use of AQT at their company; having accurate information here will make their job a lot easier.

Click on Activate. Activation should take less than 10 seconds and you will get the message License Activated Successfully.

Activating by email

If you are unable to Activate AQT, for instance your machine is unable to contact activation server, you can activate by either:

Activating by a Command

If you are running AQT v10.0.2 or above, you can also activate using a command. System administrators might, for instance, incorporate this in an install script.

"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Advanced Query Tool v11\aqtv11.exe" -activate,username=%username%_%computername%

For this to work, your machine must be able to contact our activation server.

System Administrators / Installers should not activate

If AQT is being installed on your machine by an administrator, they should not activate the license. If they do, they will become the user associated with the license. This can then prevent you from activating the license. If the administrator does activate, they will need to deactivate.

Deactivating your license

You MUST deactivate your license if you are removing AQT from your machine. You might do this, for instance, if you plan to use the license on a replacement machine.

If your machine is re-imaged, the activation information will be wiped out. Please deactivate your license prior to doing this.

The procedure for deactivating your license is described in Deactivating your AQT License.

By default you can activate on 3 machines / userids

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