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Options - Sessions


These options govern how AQT Saves / Opens sessions.

Save Session on Close

To save your session when AQT closes, select one of the following:

Open Last Session when AQT starts

If you have a saved session,

If there is a saved session, AQT will delete it once AQT starts, irrespective of whether you have opened it.

Open a particular Session when AQT starts

You can use this to open a particular session when it starts. Select a session from the drop-down list.

As there are separate sessions for 32-bit and 64-bit AQT, there are options here for both architectures.

When this option is selected, Save Session on Close, Open Last Session and Auto Save Session options are ignored.

Automatically Save Session

When Auto Save Session is selected, AQT will save the state of your session to disk continuously during your session. This means you will not lose your work should AQT terminate unexpectedly.

The option Save state every xx seconds specifies the frequency for which AQT checks for / saves change to the state of your session. If this is set to 60 (eg. 1 minute) then you could lose up to a minutes work should AQT crash.

This option can be resource intensive, so not recommended for normal use.

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