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Opening a Saved Session

When you start AQT, and there is a saved session, by default AQT will give you the following prompt.


The Session will be deleted once AQT starts, irrespective of whether you have restored it or not.

Mulitple Saved Sessions

You may have multiple saved sessions. This can happen if you run multiple AQT sessions and all of them have been closed.

By default, AQT will open the most recent one. However you can select a particular session by clicking on the More button to see the full Open Session Dialog.

Full Open Session Dialog

This allows you to select the session you wish to open.



Active Sessions

A temporary session is marked with an (*) if it is an Active Session. This is one where AQT has not closed normally. These will be present in the following circumstances:

You should open an active session with a degree of caution. Once you open the session, the session info is deleted; this might interfere with your other AQT session.

Saving a Session Permanently

You can save a session permanently by clicking on Rename and giving the session a name. This will change it from a Auto-Save to a Permanent Session.

Opening a Permanent Session

You can see permanent sessions by clicking on with Permanent Sessions or All Sessions.


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