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Export to Grid file

This allows you to export your data as a Saved Grid file. This file can later be displayed by AQT as a normal data display grid.

This is useful if you are running queries in unattended Batch Mode, then wish view the results later in AQT.


Export Directory

It is recommended that you export your data to the default export directory - this is sub-directory Exports from the Queries directory. Then, when you display the Query Explorer, you can see and your exports and display the data in the Data Display window.


Grid Caption and Parameters

When you run a query, you can specify the caption for the grid with an --aqt caption command. Your query can also prompt the user for parameter values with an --aqt queryparm command.

When you export this query, the caption and parameter information will be included as part of the export file. When you restore the grid, the caption and parameters will be restored also.

Other attributes of a grid, such a row numbers, grouping, sub-totals etc will not be included in the export. These may be added in a future version.

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