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User rights

Many organisations find that AQT is too powerful for many of their users. To address this issue, we have made it possible to configure AQT to run a more basic set of features.

We have implemented a number of options:

These options are set in Options > User Rights.

Changing the options permanently

You can permanently set one of these options by clicking on the Lock this Setting buttons. The option will be permanently set and you will not be able to reset this. Do not click on this button unless you really want to do this!! Even uninstalling and reinstalling AQT will not reset this setting, so do not do this by mistake.

Technical Notes

Restricting Objects Viewed

In the future we will allow you to specify the objects that a user can view in the Database Explorer. In the meantime, this result can be achieved by changing the AQT config files so that a more restricted set of objects is displayed. The amended config file can then be deployed with AQT. Advanced Customization contains more on amending the cfg files.

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