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Manage Object

Use this window to administer objects other than tables (tables are administered in the Manage Table window). This window is part of the Administration Component of AQT.

The Manage Object window is a single window that is used for managing many different types of objects. It will take on different appearances depending on the type of object you are dealing with. In addition, the window will have a slightly different appearance depending on whether you are creating, altering or displaying properties of the object.

Some particular objects are described in the following sections:

Object Type



Manage View

Primary Key

Manage Index or Primary Key


Manage Index or Primary Key

Foreign Key

Manage Foreign Key

Stored Procedure

Manage Procedure or Trigger


Manage Procedure or Trigger


Manage Procedure or Trigger

Summary Table

Manage View

The remainder of this section gives general information about the use of the Manage Object window.

Invoking the Manage Object window

Open the Manage Object window from the Database Explorer:

You also invoke this window from the Create/Alter Table window, when you select New or Modify for a related object (such as a primary key, index, foreign key etc).

Help with Administering your database

The Manage Table and Manage Object windows make it very easy for managing the objects in your database. However AQT doesn't provide you detailed help about this, or with the meaning of various parameters you can specify when creating objects. If you need any help with these, consult your database documentation.


Some of the buttons you will see on the window are as follows:




Select the object you are displaying or changing.

Copy from

This button will be visible when you are Creating an object. It allows you to copy the object definition from another object, which can be in this or another database.

Replace if exists

This option will be visible when you are Creating an object. When selected, AQT will drop the object before it creates it. For Oracle, AQT will create the object with Create or Replace.


This runs the SQL for creating, altering or redefining your object. If this involves running more than one SQL statement, you will be shown the Run Multiple Statements window.

If you are in Evaluation mode of the Administration Component, this button will not be active.


This displays the SQL that AQT has generated for creating or altering your object. You can save this SQL to disk or copy it to the Run SQL window (though you can't do either of these if you are in Evaluation mode of the Administration Component).


This button is active only when you are in Altering an object. It will refresh the object data from the database, (and destroy any changes you may have made to the data in the window).

Delete entry

This button will delete a row from the grid.

Altering Objects

When you are altering an object, the window works as described in Alter Table.

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