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Manage Foreign Key

This window is used for creating and displaying foreign keys. It is one of the forms of the Manage Object window. That section gives general information about this window, including the use of the buttons and menu items.

This window is part of the Administration Component of AQT.

You can activate this window in the following ways:

Create FK

The window consists of two parts:

What is a Foreign Key?

This described in Understanding Foreign Keys.

Properties of the Foreign Key

To create a foreign key you need to specify the following properties.

Delete and Update rule can take the following values (depending on your database).

Specifying the Foreign Key Columns

You use the bottom three grids to specify which columns in the source table map to the columns in the referenced table.

The right grid will have the referenced columns. This will be either the primary key of the Referenced Table, or the columns you specify with Specify Key. You must now specify the Foreign Key columns, which are the columns from the source table that match the referenced columns.

The columns in the source table are given in the left grid. You select or de-select these as being Foreign Key columns by double-clicking them or using the < and > buttons.


There are restrictions on creating foreign keys in MySQL.

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