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Main features of AQT

Advanced Query Tool has the following main features to make your database work more productive.

Simple interface

In developing Advanced Query Tool, a large amount of effort has been invested into providing a simple interface that is fast and easy to use. Many users find Advanced Query Tool worthwhile just for this interface, which accesses all their database types.

Complex environments

Data types


The term "query" is used rather loosely to refer to any SQL statement. AQT provides many features for updating your tables too.

Updating Data

System queries

For some databases AQT reads the system tables (a.k.a. catalog, dictionary) to provide you with comprehensive information about the objects in your system (not just tables but also the triggers, procedures, tablespaces, packages, security rights etc).

This provides you with a large amount of information useful for understanding and managing the database. Typically, between 50 and 150 system queries are supplied with AQT for these database types.

The system queries are held in config files, and can be changed or augmented if required (we provide a tool for assisting with this). Because the system queries are held in config files, we can implement new system queries in a very short space of time.

So far, system queries have been developed for

Database types lists the versions for which system queries are available. Other databases will be added in the future. AQT still works with databases other than these - it is just that the system queries are not available for them.

The system-table query feature gives more information about this.