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Sybase unable to display tables in Database Explorer

This topic describes the following errors with Sybase when you start the Database Explorer:

HY000(0)[MERANT][ODBC Sybase ASE driver]PrepareMethod must be 0 or 1 for SQLDescribeParam support


HY000(12828)[DataDirect][ODBC Sybase Wire Protocol driver][SQL Server]The datatype of a parameter marker used in the dynamic prepare statement could not be resolved

This problem can be resolving by changing a setting on the configuration of your Sybase ODBC Datasource. This is done as follows:

Another Solution

This error arises because AQT uses parameterised queries, which Sybase occassionally has trouble with. If you are still having problems, you can switch off the use of parameterised queries by, in AQT, going Options > Table Information, set Parameter Usage to Use Substitution.