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Upgrade to AQT v11

If you are currently licensed for AQT v10 or a prior version, you can run AQT v11 for 30 days.

After this time, AQT v11 will revert to Evaluation Mode (this is hobbled in various ways).

Purchasing a Version Upgrade License

To continue to run AQT v11 you will need to purchase an AQT Version 11 Upgrade license. The process for purchasing this is given on our Purchasing page.

Once you have purchased the license, you will receive a license key that you enter into AQT. You do not need to download or install another file.

To enter you license into AQT:

Reverting back to AQT v10

If you do not wish to continue with AQT v11, you can revert back to AQT v10 by:

All your settings will be retaining through this process.

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