Purchase AQT

Purchasing a License

The procedure for purchasing a license is covered on this page. For information on AQT pricing and which license is appropriate for you, see the pricing page.

You can purchase an AQT license using one of the following links
  • AQT v10 Standard Edition
  • AQT v10 Extended Edition
  • AQT Version 10 Upgrade
  • AQT Edition Upgrade
  • When you purchase a license online, you are using our online reseller Element5/Digital River. Queries about a particular purchase should be directed to them not to ourselves.

    30 July 2019 Note: the order pages at Element5/Digital River have been updated to an improved format.

    License Name

    The license key will be generated in the name you enter into the field called License to on the Element5 purchase page. Enter the name of the organisation that will own the license you are buying. Do not use your own name unless you are making a private purchase.

    Make sure you get the license name correct! You will not be able to change it later.

    Contacting Element5

    Most payments go though very quickly (in a few hours), but sometimes can take up to 24 hours. If you wish to check on the status of an order, you should contact Element5. The image below shows how to do this.

    Obtaining a Quote from Element5

    You can obtain a quote from Element5 by filling out the form at http://ccc.element5.com/ccc/quote.html

    This form will ask you for the Product ID - use the Product Number from the table on the pricing page.

    Using a Purchase Order

    You can place a Purchase Order either on Element5 or on ourselves.

    To place a Purchase Order on Element5, follow the instructions at http://ccc.element5.com/ccc/index.html?cccid=[DASID_3722]

    If you wish to deal directly with Cardett Associates, the procedure is normally:
    • you need to get a Purchase Order from your accounts department.
    • send this to us at sales@dbquerytool.com
    • we will then send you an invoice
    • once the invoice has been settled in full (by check or wire transfer), we will send you the license keys
    • EU business-customers must supply a VAT ID.