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Scripting functions

In This Chapter

Scripting - Connect function

Scripting - Use Function

Scriptin - Disconnect function

Scripting - Tran function

Scripting - Parms Function

Scripting - Export Function

Scripting - Schema Compare

Scripting - Include

Scripting - Queryparm

Scripting - SetParm

Scripting - Caption

Scripting - ColFormat

Scripting - GridOptions

Scripting - delparm

Scripting - Options

Scripting - Load

Scripting - Datacomp

Scripting - CloseXL function

Scripting - CloseXLFile function

Scripting - Layout

Scripting - RenameButt

Scripting - Objcomp

Scripting - Sleep

Scripting - WriteMsg

Scripting - GenDDL

The valid values for function are as follows:


Export the results of the following SQL statement. In batch mode, this applies to all subsequent SQL statement until another Export statement.


Parameters to be used in the following SQL statement. Applies only to the next SQL statement. If you are running a script with many SQL statements, you will need to precede each statement with an Export or Parms statement.


System-generated value that records the positions of tables in the GUI Query Builder.


Connects you to a database. This is mainly used when running Batch Queries.


When running Batch Queries, this specified the database to use for the subsequent SQL statements. You would use this if you have more than one database connection active.


Disconnects you from a database.


Runs the Compare Tables in Schema function in batch mode.


Runs the Data Compare function in batch mode


Specify some options for the batch session.


Allows you to import some SQL from another file.


Prompts the user to enter parameter values.


Set a parameter to a particular value.


Run the Data Loader.


Allows you to run statements under transactional control


Closes Excel if it is open


Applied a layout to the following query.


Renames the button of the most recent data display window displayed.

Examples of parameter usage

AQT provides a number of examples of parameter usage. The following files are deployed with AQT:

Batch_sample.bat. This is a Windows command file that runs AQT in batch mode. In this file you specify the name of the AQT batch script to run. The batch script will be one of the following files.

In addition:

startup.bat and startup.sql demonstrate specifying a startup script, which runs when AQT is started.

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