Email support

We provide free support of AQT v11 by email. We are in New Zealand, timezone GMT+12. You should have a reply by your next business day at the latest.

Our aim is to provide fast and effective support for AQT. Many of the user comments we have republished on this site show that our fast and effective support is appreciated.

For technical questions about AQT and install problems with AQT you can get support for AQT from many different sources:

  • the AQT Forum
  • AQT's own Help file (in AQT: use F1 or the Help menu)
  • email us (see below)

Contacting Us

Support is by email only. We do not list a phone number; the timezone differences with the majority of our customers makes this impractical.

No reply?

We reply to emails within 24 hours. If you don't get a reply from us, the most likely cause is that our reply to you is being blocked.
  • check your spam folder in case our reply has gone there
  • try emailing us from a different address, such as a personal email address
  • provide us with an alternate way of contacting you such as a phone or fax number
  • if all else fails, post a message on the AQT Forum. This forum is monitored by Cardett staff and provides a reliable way of contacting us

Alternate Email Addresses

We have some alternate email addresses you can try if your emails to us are being rejected

Email Etiquette

When emailing us, please:
  • give a meaningful subject-line to your email, such as "Question about the Data Loader". If your email subject-line is "Hi there" or "Check this out" or even blank it risks being identified as spam and deleted without being read.
  • if reporting a problem, please tell us the version of AQT you are running, plus the type (and version) of the database you are accessing.
  • if you are sending us screenshots or other images, please use a compressed image format (such as png or jpg) to give a small file-size.

Feature requests

If you have enhancement requests for AQT you can email them to . We generally welcome feedback about AQT.

Enhancement requests are prioritized according to the development time needed and the benefits they would have for a wide user-base.

AQT Discussion forum

The AQT Discussion forum is a Google Group located at!forum/aqt-discussion.

This is a private group. You need to join the group to see or post messages.
  • You will need to set up a Google account and request to join the group. You are responsible for managing your Google account - we cannot help you with this!
  • You can post messages either through the web interface, or an email to
  • When you join the group, you can choose whether you will receive email notications of messages. This is done with (at the top right) "My Settings" > "Membership and email settings". You will have the options:
    • all messages posted to the Group
    • daily summary
    • combined summary (25 messages per email)
    • no messages
  • We reserve the right to remove messages which are advertising, offensive, not relevant, or contain other information we deem inappropriate.

Prior to March 2020 we were using a Yahoo group. All posts to this group have deleted by Yahoo.

Thanks to for a useful review of alternatives to Yahoo groups.

Notification of Product Updates

Many AQT users wish to be notified when there are significant upgrades to AQT. We will do this by posting an Announcement to the group. This will be positioned at the top of the message list.


AQT documentation is available online by clicking on the button below. This is identical to the information in the AQT Help, though may be more up to date.

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