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Advanced Query Tool v9 Version Upgrade Policy

When you purchase an AQT license, you can use that version of AQT indefinitely without further charge. Older versions of AQT however may not be supported - bug fixes and new features will not be available to them. If you wish to upgrade to the current version (eg. from version 8 to version 9) a small upgrade fee will apply.

Our policy for upgrading to AQT v9 from AQT v8 or an earlier version is set out below:


  • the upgrade fee will be US$45 for each seat, whether AQT Standard or Extended license.
  • volume discounts are available - see pricing
  • there is no charge for point-release upgrades within a version (eg. from v9.03 to v9.0.8)
  • there will be a single upgrade fee irrespective of the version you are upgrading from. In other words, you can upgrade from either AQT v7 or AQT v8 to AQT v9 by purchasing a Version 9 Upgrade license.

Standard / Extended Edition

Benefits in v9 apply to both Standard and Extended Edition.
  • the same price applies for a Standard Edition license or an Extended Edition license. If you currently have a Standard Edition license, the upgrade to v9 will cost $45. If you have an Extended Edition license, the upgrade to v9 will cost $45.

You will need only one v9 upgrade per seat.

  • if you had upgraded your Standard Edition to Extended by purchasing an Edition Upgrade license, you will need only one v9 upgrade.

Site license-holders

Holders of historic Site licenses will need to specify the number of people using AQT and purchase sufficient version 9 upgrades to cover that number of people. Please contact us for further information or help.

Existing license-holders evaluating AQT v9

Once you install AQT v9, you will have 30 day trial period in which AQT v9 will operate normally. After this period has expired, AQT v9 will revert to evaluation mode; you must either purchase a Version 9 Upgrade license or de-install AQT v9. AQT v8 will continue to operate normally irrespective of which of these options you choose.


Support for AQT v8 expired on 9th April 2012 (this is 2 years following the release of AQT v9).

Grace period

If you have purchased any AQT v8 license after 1st March 2010, you will also be able to run AQT v9.
  • If you purchased an AQT v8 Standard or Extended license, you will be able to run AQT v9 for that Edition
  • If you have a Standard Edition license and purchased an Edition Upgrade after 1st March 2010, this will also entitle you to run AQT v9
  • If you purchased a Version 8 Upgrade license after 1st March 2010, you will also be able to run AQT v9

You do not need to take any action to enable the upgrade to v9 (we will not be sending out upgrade keys). AQT v9 will automatically recognise your v8 license key as valid for AQT v9.

AQT v10

AQT v10 is due for release on 31st July 2014. Any license purchased on or after 1st July 2014 will entitle you to run AQT v10.
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Last updated on 15 June 2011   

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