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A quick start to AQT

In This Chapter

ODBC drivers

Layout of AQT windows

General usability concepts

How to use Grids in AQT

Evaluation Mode

Upgrade to AQT v11

Extended Edition of AQT



Entering your Registration Key

Activating your AQT License

If you are new to AQT, you can quickly experiment with its functions:

AQT tries to tell you what is going on as much as possible. The Status Bar at the bottom of the windows is used to display a lot of useful information. More usability concepts are described here.

Don't forget to check the Options and Customization available. AQT allows you to make many decisions about what you want to see and how you want it to work.

If you have problems or queries, try the Getting Help section.

The evaluation version has limitations.

AQT is a specialised query tool. It does not yet have a reporting module.